Sinemet (Carbidopa + Levodopa)
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Product description: Sinemet is a combination product (levodopa and carbidopa) which is used to treat Parkinson's disease.
Active Ingredient: Carbidopa + Levodopa
Sinemet as known as: Duodopa, Parkinel, Dopacol, Nu-levocarb, Levocomp, Syndopa, Striaton, Carlevod, Nervocur, Credanil, Carbidopa-levodopa, Dopadura c, Duellin, Parcopa, Levomet, Apo-levocarb, Sulconar, Parken, Cloisone, Kinson, Parkiston, Isicom, Cinetol, Sindopa, Cardopar, Menesit, Co-dopa, Tidomet, Nakom, Karbidopa-levodopa, Ledopsan, Lebocar, Levomed, Sinepar, Grifoparkin, Levo-c al, Carbilev, Levobeta, Kardopal, Lodosyn, Parkidopa, Atamet, Carcopa, Dopamar, Sindrob, D-dopa plus, Lecardop, Leprinton, Levocarb, Stalevo, Lecarge, Prikap, Neodopaston, Co-careldopa, Dopicar

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