Floxin (Ofloxacin)
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Product description: Floxin is in a group of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones that fights bacteria in the body.
Active Ingredient: Ofloxacin
Floxin as known as: Tarizart, Remecilox, Bioquil, Oxacid, Rutix, Taricin, Ofla, Oflocol, Uro-tarivid, Optiflox, Quinovid, Oflovid, Oflo-iv, Oflobid, Grenis oflo, Floxil, Oflodex, Tarifron, Floxal, Oxiflox, Octin, Exocin, Oflomed, Nostil, Tariflox, Oltrex, Xatron, Ofloxacino, Tarivid, Trafloxal, Megasin, Netazox-of, Quinomed, Kafra, Edilox-oz, Nockwoo oxacin, Drovid, Ecuflox, Evaflox, Oflomet, Oflodinex, Floxur, Loxinter, Inoflox, Ibacnol, Medofloxine, Docofloxacine, Zanocin, Oflin, Gamoflo, Norlamine, Gyros, Albact, Ofloject, Ofloxacinum, Tabrin, Ofloxbeta, Oflogen, Oflocee, Quiflural, Ofkozin, Floxwin-200, Poenflox, Glaufos, Oflacin, Bactocin, Ostrid, Ofloxacine, Ofloxin, Menefloks, Onexacin, Rafocilina, Ofcin, Oflomac, Newflox, Oflox, Iquinol, Tafloc, Pharxacin, Surnox, Oflox-ct, Keftil, Floxstat, Ofloks, Maxifloxina, Nilavid, Ermofan, Oflodis, Nufafloqo, Poncoquin, Oculsin, Microbac, Flodemex, Ocuflox, Oftector, Bacter-nz, Exocine, Otoflox, Flonacin, Floxika, Oflohexal, Gyroflox, Tarixacin, Danoflox, Floxedol, Flotavid, Flosep, Novecin, Taroflox, Quinomax, Oflaxsyn, Earflo otic, Zelavel, Oflodura, Tatsumixin, Oflocet, Pharflox, Itex, Viotisone, Ethiflox, Oflocide, Biravid, Libiget, Flovid, Oclavit, Oflocollyre, Opool, Qugyl-o, Oharaxin, Urostat, Monoflocet, Oloxin, Edilox-s, Oflovir, Qinolon, Ofloxat, Marromel, Zyflox, Visiren, Oxken, Floxal edo, Taravid, Oftight, Mefoxa, Oxacin, Dolocep

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